American Services

a leader in quality, green services

ACI Janitorial serves manufacturing, corporate, and distribution operations clients. We are a leader in providing green janitorial services that promote more responsible use of cleaning techniques and materials. Our management is certified by both the Green Business League and Cleaning Management Institute. Involved, responsive management and ongoing review of operations ensures quality janitorial services are delivered to our clients every day.

We take all the necessary precautions for performing housekeeping duties, handling laundry, waste disposal and exposure to any chemicals by following all EPA guidelines and complying with OSHA standards. Our services can be performed on a schedule that best fits your preferences whether daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or even on a one-time basis for special events and similar activities requiring janitorial services.

Service Areas

General Maintenance

Ceiling Cleaning

Floor Services (stripping, waxing, buffing)

Trash Removal

Drinking Fountain Cleaning

Furniture Cleaning

Mopping and Sweeping

Spot Carpet Cleaning


Pressure Washing

Window Cleaning

Dusting (baseboards, furniture, surfaces)

Carpet Cleaning

Ashtray Cleaning

Glass Cleaning


Restroom Cleaning



ACI Janitorial is committed to the training and development of our employees for their future and the retention of our clients. We take great pride in ensuring that our staff is properly trained and have the skills and confidence necessary to perform their job at all times.

A thorough orientation of our company and our policies is provided to all new employees including a set of written rules and specific information concerning their job assignment. Training classes are set to review techniques and standards and often include slide presentations, videotapes, and written material that demonstrate and teach the proper ways to utilize specific tools and perform specific tasks. Special attention will be given to their specific duties or work environments for which they will be responsible, (eg: offices, restrooms, floor care, grounds, clean room environments, manufacturing facilities).

Safe working practices are stressed throughout all training programs. All of our employees receive instructions on procedures, chemicals, and proper use of all equipment. Our managers review safety procedures with their staff upon the weekly inspection of their sites. Each employee will have to demonstrate their efficiency in each category to be deemed a passing performance and moved onto the job site.