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Client-focused experience


American Society of Industrial Security

International Association of Healthcare Safety and Security

• CHPA – Certified Healthcare Protection Administrator

• CHSS – Certified Healthcare Security Supervisor

• CAHSO – Certified Advanced Healthcare Security Officer

• CHSO – Certified Healthcare
Security Officer

American Board for Certification in Homeland Security

• National Certification in
Homeland Security

American Association of State Troopers

South Carolina Law Enforcement Officers Association

We are in compliance with all Joint Commission security requirements.


American Security came into being 35 years ago as the vision of a retiring South Carolina Highway Patrolman named Henry Harrison who, today, serves as Chairman and CEO of American Services, Inc. From the beginning, American Security was built on personal service from every team member to give clients exactly what they need. We provide comprehensive security services that answer the need for clients in corporate, distribution, health care, institutional and manufacturing markets as well as those with special-events requirements. All security operations are tailored to the specifications of these markets from federally regulated facilities to national health care security. Included in this wide range of capabilities are special-events security for major college football games and professional golf tournaments.

As American Security has grown, we continually look to the ranks of experienced law enforcement and military personnel to provide the professionalism, training, and judgment required of a leading security provider. Our clients judge us by how seriously we take our responsibility to meet their needs. That’s how we built our business over the past three decades and we have no intention of changing our approach to remain focused on serving our clients well.

Security Services Available to You:

Facility Security


CCTV Monitoring

System Monitoring (Fire, Alarm)

Parking Control

Monitor All Access Control Areas

Observe & Respond to
Suspicious Activity

Monitor Physical Condition of Property


Traffic Control


Fire Watch

Reception and Visitor

Desk Safety Hazard

Inclement Weather Condition



Investigative Services



Insurance Fraud

Employment Harassment


Workers’ Compensation

White Collar Crime

Motor Vehicle

Polygraph Service





Security Surveys

Natural and manmade boundaries

Ingress and egress route
and procedures

Fire, emergency and disaster
control plans

Security Systems Design & Execution

Wire Tap Detection

Drivers License Checks


Interior and exterior lighting

Personal identification and
access systems

Communication monitoring

Executive Protection Program

Motor Vehicle Identification






Security officers employed by American Security are the best available and have received comprehensive training in security procedures that include:


Probable Cause

Arrest Procedures


Disturbance Calls

Bomb Threats

Fire Prevention

Fire Fighting


All security officers are instructed in proper public relations and their image to the client and/or public. During this time, each officer is tested (written and orally) to ensure retention and competency.

SecurityBeyond the mandatory initial training required by the State of South Carolina, American Security offers the opportunity for our officers to improve their professional skills. We have an in-service training program that produces improved job performance, better morale, improves self esteem, reduces turnover and decreases liability exposure. This program helps the officer to develop and maintain positive work habits, which in turn results in a more effective and efficient security officer for the client.

Our in-service program is structured so that topics can be chosen for special emphasis during monthly site training by the supervisor or completed individually by the officer in a self-paced format. Sample topics include legal issues, communications, safety, fire protection, disaster preparedness, affirmative action, and time management. Once the officer begins the course, they receive continuous follow up to ensure successful completion of the course. A certificate is awarded upon successful completion of the material.

Officer Selection

American Security is proud of the aggressive recruiting efforts we take to ensure the availability and quality of personnel for our clients. Our staff is dedicated to seeking new recruiting sources as means for reaching a broader range of candidates. We rely on an established network of contacts within the local and regional markets for officer candidates. Referrals by current clientele, as well as our employee referral bonus program remain the most successful means for recruiting.

Our standard for the quality of our personnel is to provide people that fully meet your expectations and needs. Our product is our employee. We are judged by that standard.

We do not rush to place an employee in a position. Doing so reduces retention, which is costly to us as well as our client. Employees see our commitment to them through direct wages and benefits, recognition through certificates of excellence, and financial rewards through bonuses, gift certificates, and savings bonds. We are the only security company in North Carolina and South Carolina that pays for each officer’s state registration fee. Most companies take payroll deductions for this cost.

When you choose American Security for your security service needs, you are receiving the most qualified professionals with the deepest experience, talent and regard for clients available.