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For large and small staffing assignments, Action Staffing is your solution resource. As a provider for large-scale manufacturing and distribution operations, Action Staffing is managed by staff with long-term manufacturing and distribution experience who understand the requirements of these operations. Management’s involvement in coordination and continuous improvement of staffing operations provides clients with a hands-on partner.

Only the highest qualified candidates are chosen for our staffing assignments. All candidates are subject to our comprehensive pre-employment assessment and screening process which includes extensive testing to determine proper job placement of each applicant. This demanding approach is our way of ensuring you receive the most qualified staffing personnel for your specific needs.

Scheduled reporting enables us to provide you with a consistent status of staffing attendance, turnover, training and testing. These customized reports are generated on a monthly/weekly/quarterly basis to meet your specific needs.

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Assessment, Testing & Screening

As a condition of employment, Action Staffing conducts a series of steps in order to make certain only the best candidates are selected for your outsourcing labor. To meet your needs, Action Staffing ensures this process is completed in a timely and accurate manner.

StaffingOur procedures include an assessment of all interested applicants regardless of age, sex, religion and ethnic background. After a review process of education levels, work history, skills and experience, an in-depth interview is conducted with the applicant to determine compatibility for a position with your organization.

Once a determination is made during the interviewing process that the applicant would be a reliable and valuable employee, the recruiter may conduct skills and math testing that meet the federal law and regulation guidelines, including ADA, in order to determine proper job placement of the applicant. Our current test includes math and reasoning; inspection; assembly; and workplace attitudes.
Should the applicant be selected for possible hire, the recruiter will proceed with detailed pre-employment screening. This process includes having the candidate provide proof of eligibility to work in the United States in pursuit of labor laws and regulations set forth by the Department of Homeland Security to ensure employment eligibility.  Other steps involved in the pre-employment screening process include verification of a detailed work history, a criminal background check and then drug testing.

Once all pre-employment requirements are verified and the applicant meets all qualifications set forth by the client and Action Staffing, an offer of employment is made. Upon acceptance of the employment offer, the applicant is then given a scheduled date and time to report for employment orientation.


Action Staffing provides site-specific training for all associates that normally includes review and study of printed materials, and hands-on learning opportunities. In classroom environments, literature is presented that pertains to operational principals and procedures as they relate directly to the job the associate will be performing for the client. This type environment provides opportunity for question and answer sessions as well as open discussion forums. When appropriate, training videos are observed to provide the associate with the visual advantages of training.

Operator-based training also includes a written test and then a hands-on observation phase of operational skills. During these tests, emphasis is always placed on operational safety. This type of training usually pertains to those who will operate equipment such as forklifts.

Action Staffing will provide the proper training program required for the job to ensure associates are prepared and educated about the job’s specific duties. Regardless of the level and type of training performed, all records are documented and kept in the employee’s file.